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If you have problems with your PC, tablet or mobile phone, we are happy to help. Even if your data needs to be backed up or you need advice for the purchase of a new device, we are happy to assist.


We advise you on all questions about your software. Which software you really need and which one is optional. We also untangle the "license jungle".
We are happy to take over the setup and import of new software.


We check your network and your PCs to see if you meet current security requirements. We also help you to communicate in encrypted form. Also we can help to store your data securely or if necessary to destroy it completely.


Car dealerships and workshops have special requirements for their hardware and software.
Through our many years of experience with customers in the automotive industry, we can offer quick help even for complicated problems. Support available for: VW Group, Opel, Ford, Hyundai.

A small excerpt with which problems we help our customers:

Problems with your PC and peripherals
Updating and upgrading your computer
Individual purchase advice for new software or hardware - tailored to your needs. 
Connecting and setting up peripheral devices (printers, scanners ...)
Installation of DSL and other Internet connections, e.g. Cable, fiber optics, etc.
Mobile Internet solutions (WLAN, GSM) 
Installation and configuration of new and existing software
Optimization of your workplace to special user needs
Support in data collection and data maintenance 
Help with software problems or data loss
Elimination of malware, viruses, worms and trojans
Updating software and drivers as well as system critical components

PC Service Waibel (ver) 2019